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    What Is the Emerald Cut Diamond?

    When you are trying to buy an engagement ring you need enough information about different shapes of diamond. The emerald cut diamond is one of the best diamond shapes that can make your partner very happy. In this article, more details about the Emerald diamond ring will be introduced to you. What is the emerald cut diamond?      Emerald cut diamond usually has an elongated rectangle shape. The chiseled step cuts and beveled corners make the emerald diamond shape distinctive. The emerald-cut engagement rings look bigger than their actual size.      These days emerald cut engagement rings have become very popular. You might also like to have a beautiful emerald…

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    Best Diamond Engagement Rings for Men – From Traditional to Ultra-Modern

    Are you planning to get engaged any time soon?  If so, it’s time to explore the different men’s diamond engagement rings suited for you. Even if you are not into jewelry, it is integral to browse through your options to find the best one. Here, you can have rings made from gold or platinum. Besides, you can select the color and design based on your preferences. So, let’s not waste any more time and explore the different fancy diamond engagement rings you can consider for your big day. View More >> Andromeda Men’s Diamond Ring Available in five different color options, this is one of the best engagement rings for men. You can…